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Princess Annabelle was not used to this palace yet. It had only been three days since her initial take over and the majority of that time had been spent instilling a fear of herself in the staff and army. She knew that the man she had murdered for this property and her life was well off, she simply underestimated just how well off he had been.

Winding corridors, spiraling staircases, grand halls; it would all have been breathtaking if Konstanstin had had any real taste. Annabelle wrinkled her nose at a column that was inlaid with real human skulls crested with gaudy jewels as a handmaid laced her corset. Oh yes, she most definitely needed to do some damage control with this awful excuse for a castle. However, she needed to see just how many changes needed to be made so she turned to the handmaid.

"Is there a library in the wretched place?" Her voice was misleadingly soft. The maid nodded, finishing dressing the princess before escorting her down five different corridors to the vast library. Satisfied and a little awestruck, the princess kicked her out of the room and shut the door firmly behind her.

Once alone, Annabelle looked around the library. Shelves went from floor to just nearly the ceiling with wooden ladders here and there to assist in the retrieval of so many books. A warm smile growing on her face, Annabelle set about the vast room, collecting book she'd never read before, her previous initiative forgotten.

Annabelle was at the highest shelf, halfway through the library when she spotted the thick tote. It was leather and looked very old, the kind of book that the princess tended towards. As she drew closer to it, something felt unnatural about this novel, which drew Annabelle's curiosity higher.

Setting the books she had already gathered on top of the shelving, Annabelle drew closer to the book and pulled it out. It was heavy and instead of a title it bore a strange symbol on its cover. Thoroughly intrigued, the young witch braced the book against her side as she carefully turned on the ladder and pushed her rear through the gap.

Once she was securely seated on the wooden ladder, Annabelle pulled the book onto her lap and studied it. She could sense its power even as she felt the cracking cover and the thickness of its pages as she prepared to open it. The last time she had opened a powerful book she had gained the knowledge to tap her own slumbering powers. This novel may contain more spells or potions or even the location of a useful magical item. She wasn't prepared for the surprise when she pulled back the cover and flipped a few pages.

The book… The book was sucking her in! Annabelle tried to slam the book shut but it was too late. As she disappeared into the pages, her screams echoed through the dusty library.

Maids and guards rushed in to inspect the source of the screams, but found no trace of the princess, only various piles of books and a few pages on the floor.
My and Annabelle's audition for :icontbos-oct:. Today's the deadline!

Reference sheet: [link]
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May 18, 2011
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