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Princess Annabelle Ref Sheet by willwork4food Princess Annabelle Ref Sheet by willwork4food
Name: Princess Annabelle
Age: 19
Physical Description: Height: 5’ 1”, 1.55m. Nearly black, dark green eyes. Short, thin, frail-looking.
Chosen by: The Book
Gift Description: NA

Personality: Annabelle is not a nice, happy-go-lucky girl. She has had a cut-throat, calculating nature since birth. She surrounds herself with knowledge and enjoys the order found in chaos. The morbid and mysterious fascinates her, and she likes to employ them when she deems them necessary. Beyond her intellect, she is still a young woman and has her insecurities even if she hides them well from the world. The mutt stallion she raised, Robin, only ever sees her kind and motherly side. She lives by the last words of a murderer, “My name is __________, and not even death can take that away from me.” Annabelle is the sort of person that will allow someone to live, when it would be kinder to kill them.

History: The reincarnation of the evil witch Ekaterina of Glosland, who was killed by her family hundreds of years ago. Annabelle is the youngest of five children, named after her late mother who died in her birthing. Annabelle was raised as her father’s favorite, always reading books she shouldn’t and sneaking away from her governess. She met a convicted murdered named Rook a few days before his execution when his mare went into labor. She befriended him and watched him hang. Some years later, she found the hut that the witch lived in and discovered she was a reincarnation and began teaching herself magic.
As the years passed, some of her older siblings got married and another royal member became interested in her. In an attempt to get anyway from the prince, she convinced her unmarried brother to go for a walk with her, only to get them kidnapped by Emperor Konstanstin, the Deflowerer. He had planned to kill Annabelle’s brother and add her to his collection of ‘concubines’ but she convinced the man to release her brother before killing him and taking over his lands and army.
Now, Annabelle is planning a war and dictatorship over the rest of the lands using her magic and steady growing knowledge. So she spends a lot of time in her library, reading books she’s never heard of.

Abilities: Annabelle has her magic under control, nearly limitless range of spells and possibilities. The only problem is that, even with her conductor (a seem-less gold flecked onyx cuff on her left wrist), the bigger or more powerful the spell, the more energy it drains from her. Unless she pulls energy from another being for the spell, it will ultimately drain it from her.

Drawing done by ~Aesteroth because I begged and wouldn't let her make her bed unless she agreed to. :D
Colored by me.
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February 18, 2011
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